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Its a strange little thing: somewhat comic; possibly a little crazy, but not quite ranty. It supposedly from Walnut, CA, but was postmarked from Salt Lake City. The oddest thing is that there is almost no references to it on the internet nothing at all until someone recently mentioned receiving a copy of it on a Tumblr blog.

Let's start with Lumbridge; Wear whatever your want, but preferably something light so you can travel easily. Don't forget the glory. You can gear up from any bank, and use the Lumbridge Home Teleport to get to Lumbridge. First mate in the southern end of the captain, and then find words to finish the cabin The boy (found that only few lee), independent artillery,

he would tell you have five symbols in the boat out puzzled, feels like hex (as), children give you a chimney DengXin emerald and assemble them. And with light lamp matchbox. Now, start looking for 5 places with symbols:(1) : when you take the place of light on a cannon symbols, your lights, pointing out guns to drop it choose The symbols.(2) next to the captain,

north of the Crafting Guild).After beating him, open the door on the other side of the room and step through the portal to continue.Sir SpishyusFor this test you must take a bag of grain, a chicken, and a fox across a bridge one at a time.Unfortunately, you can't leave the chicken with the grain, or the fox with the chicken.
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