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TOS New Rank Expansion is Coming, Get TOS Silver on Gold.raiditem.
Автор: US Alendar
Guys, Tree of Savior are going to make some changes in game to prepare for the new Ran expansion. According to [b][url=https://gold.raiditem.com/]Gold.raiditem[/url][/b] which is a professional [b]TOS silver[/b] seller who focuses on the filed for decades, there will be a new adventure and many content changes.

The most important one is the current maximum character level will be expanded to 390, which will come with a whole new series of main scenarios and subquests. And, of course, the current maximum Character Rank will be expanded from Rank 9 to Rank 10. You can earn more [b]TOS silver[/b] than now at the same level.

Anyway, you can find more details in game. I suppose the changes are available now. Also, if you are looking for a place to [b][url=https://gold.raiditem.com/game/tree-of-savior-silver/70/]buy TOS sliver [/url][/b]safely and conveniently, then you must visit gold.raieitem. They can offer you the cheapest price and instant delivery. Turst me, once you tried, you’ll come back and thank me for telling you this website.

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