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Gold.raiditem: Get More FFXIV Items To Join The New Dungeon of FFXIV
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It's a thrilling news for all players that patch 4.35 of FFXIV is released yesterday! You can finally explore this new dungeon called Heaven-on-High instead of watching those trailers. But the location of new dungeon and the way to start it may be your barrier to begin this journey. In case that, we make a simple guide to help you. Before you step into new dungeon, please make sure that you have numerous FFXIV gil in store. That can assure you own the ability to buy FFXIV Items to save your life when you are in danger.

You have 100 floors to complete in the dungeon, and it's wise to take it seriously. FYI, gold.raiditem.com can offer you the cheapest price and best service to buy FFXIV gil. You can visit our website to find more details. Right now, let's just focus on how to start the new dungeon.

Now you may enter the dungeon, so what's new about it? Check it out below.
1.This Deep Dungeon requires level 61 to 70 characters to take on.
2.The first 30 floors are story-based as opposed to the first 100 like Palace of the Dead. You can complete the first 30 floors of Heaven-on-High with a matched party but floors 31 and up require a fixed party.
3.You can collect new FFXIV gear "Empyrean Aetherpool Gear" here.
4.You will occasionally come across Magicite which allows you to summon primals for a brief period of time.

This dungeon is meant to be a challenging mode, you need to be extremely $k3&f5f careful when you are in it. It would be wonderful if you complete it with your excellent techniques, but remember that Final Fantasy XIV Gil can help you complete the dungeon easier and faster. As the best FFXIV gil seller, gold.raiditem can make buying gils faster and safer for you. Visit our website to learn more, you'll be stunned. Get Cheap FFXIV items here: https://gold.raiditem.com/game/final-fantasy-xiv/ffxiv-items/33/311

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