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Best drawing tablet for graphic design blog
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If you're a digital illustrator, graphics designer or 3D artist, you’ll probably use a graphics tablet (also known as a drawing tablet) already. Whether you prefer Windows or Mac OS, connecting a graphics tablet to your desktop or laptop computer is usually the easiest way to start a digital illustration or design under tight deadlines – but still feel like you're drawing on paper – using Adobe Creative Cloud, Autodesk SketchBook, Autodesk Maya and other software. Here we’ve created a list of the best choices for you.

The most popular tablet brand for artists and designers is usually XP-Pen – specifically its Intuos Pro graphics tablet. But there are less expensive alternatives, which we also feature in this list. To make sure you’re looking to buy the right device, a graphics tablet is an input device consisting of a flat, pressure-sensitive pad which the user draws on or points at with a special stylus, to guide a pointer displayed on the screen.

Alternatively referred to as a drawing tablet and pen tablet, a graphics tablet is a hardware input device that enables an artist to draw or sketch digitally using a pen or stylus. They are helpful because they provide a more natural and precise feel than a standard computer mouse. The picture to the right shows an example of a Pen Graphics Tablet from XP-Pen.

The first graphics tablet for home computers was the KoalaPad. Developed by Koala Technologies in 1984, the KoalaPad was originally designed for use by the Apple II computer, but later was available for the IBM PC compatible computer as well.

Similar to an artist drawing with a pencil and paper, a user draws on the graphics tablet with a stylus. The computer will convert the drawing strokes into digital form, displaying them on the computer screen.

The graphics tablet can also be used to capture users' signatures. This use is similar to the signature pads found at many retail stores, where you would write your signature after using a credit card to make a purchase.
Who uses graphics tablets?
Below is a list of professions and people who are more likely to use a graphics tablet.

Architects and Engineers ,Artists ,Cartoonist,Fashion designers,Graphic designers,Illustrators,Photographers,Teachers,













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